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About Us

Clear, convincing, writing is essential to every organization. The success of grant applications, the appeal of marketing materials, and the information content of reports all depend on strong writing with a well-defined message.

GDF Consulting provides expert writing services for any context. By improving written content, we aim to empower our clients to take action, strengthen their organizations, and build stronger communities.

We specialize in grant writing, scientific/technical writing, and editing. Additionally, we have a career researcher (M.S., Ph.D.) on staff, which allows us to offer analytics and other strategic services.

Our Services

Grant writing

We make it easier – and faster.

We identify strategic funding priorities, do the research to write a logical and evidence-based argument, and handle the application process. GDF Consulting can reduce your workload, improve your chances of success, and do it all quickly.

Editing and proofreading

Let us deal with the details.

With 15 years of publishing experience in a variety of contexts, our exceptional attention to detail will help you avoid costly mistakes, and our wordsmithing will help your content connect with its target audience. GDF Consulting can improve any written content.


Data is power; we’ll get more out of yours.

We use statistical analyses to transform your data into valuable and actionable information, produce graphics for reports and presentations, and help you interpret that content strategically. GDF Consulting can help your organization get more out of its data.

Report writing

We help make your work stand out.

Our background in research makes us expert at understanding and distilling content, explaining it in practical terms, and organizing it logically. Plus, our in-house graphic designer will present that information in a professional and attractive format. GDF Consulting can ensure your reports stand out.

Who We've Helped

We have worked with clients in a variety of industries and contexts:
  • Tourism
  • Conservation
  • Economic development
  • Biological and ecological sciences
  • Communications
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Agriculture
  • Chemistry

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Graham D. Fairhurst, Ph.D.